Sonic's peak? I think not

From: richard ray ii roberts <>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 95 16:23:26 -0500

     Personally, I got the impression that when Sonic
was racing his 5 year old alter-ego, it wasn't very
serious. I think the older Sonic let him win. Sonic's
not generally prone to that kind of thing, but that was
definitely the impression I got from his sheer lack of
argumentativeness, and I think humoring himself is just
about Sonic's preferred Modus Operandi.
     There DOES seem to be a distinct shortage of
humans on Moebius, though. Perhaps Julian and Snively
are from off-planet? Both of the wizards that spring
to mind were human (Yes, Nagus is human - a badly
twisted human. That seems to be a theme in the use of
magic on Moebius.), so there must be at least some

                                        Pointing Out,

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