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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 08:07:27 -0500 (EST)

On 26 Feb 1995, Alessandro Sanasi wrote:

> Who is the other one? If all (or most of us) will play roles in the story,
> why can't we set the basic storyline _together_?

There are about 40 subscribers to the list. It is inevitable there will
a lot of disagreements. At best, the story will be long-delayed and look
like we tried to incorporate everything. At worst, story development
would be terminated or become private (between him and me only).

Unless he volunteers it on the list, I would prefer to have his OK to
reveal his identity.
> Do you really think 'Erich Schulman', 'Paul Gettle' or 'Alessandro Sanasi'
> would be good names for Mobius Freedom Fighters? How about using a pseudo
> or nickname instead that every person can choose himself?

I can use my word processor's search-and-replace feature to implement
that, but it would be more difficult for the reader to keep track of
who's who. I could create 20 or so new characters, but that would cause
a major shift in how the story is being planned to be.
> > 3. Do you require conscientious objector status? __ Yes __ No
> Hmmm... I guess that means if I check 'Yes' and you put me into the story
> and I change my mind afterwards then I have the right to be removed again.
> Is that correct?

A conscientious objector refuses to perform in combat for religious
reasons. I know some people on the list may have such beliefs, and I
intend to respect them in the story.
> > 5. Please state 2 skills you can contribute to the war effort.
> How about a character description instead? Or do you just want to put in
> our names without caring how a person would act in certain situations?

Again, we have about 40 subscribers to the list. Even if only 15 (under
50%) respond with a personal character description, I would likely have
more information than I can handle for an unpaid project done on limited
time. I will request more information as it is needed, but we have to
start somewhere.

To know how a person would react in a given situation requires actually
knowing that person -- or at least an interview. That simply is not
practical for this project.

If you would like to participate but are concerned about your portrayal,
you do have the option to request your name not be used while indicating
your two skills and location preferences. That's why the option is there.

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