Re: Sonic Merchandise List (prototype)

From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 09 Feb 1995 22:39:00 +0100

> (some text deleted)
> Need more information about Sonic products? Sega of America
> is selling clothes with Sonic (some include Knuckles as well).
> Go to the Sega Web (at:, then click on
> "Sega Mall". There you will find Sonic accessories.
> Warning: Access to this address (at least from my location) has
> been unstable. The address IS correct; Internet has apparently
> been misbehaiving all day (2-6-94). If you can't get to the Sega
> Web, blame it on Internet.

If you don't get access, try instead
of Works most of the time...

There are also a few other Sonic products available:

Collector cards from _Topps_ (sold in 1993). 33 sticker cards, 33 game
tips cards and 6 (very rare) prism cards.

Official SEGA sticker album from _Panini_. 228 stickers showing scenes
from the games and the weekday Sonic cartoon. Available at least in
England and Germany.

Well, I have a _Fanta_ can from England with Sonic on it and the text
'Orange Zone - Sonic cool can - the drink with attitude'. Anyone else
seen it?

Best wishes

A. Sanasi
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