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> > Which comics are discussed here? The one from Archie Comics Publications
> > (with Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine etc., stories
> > mainly based on the cartoons) or the one from Fleetway Publications (with
> > Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, Johnnie Lightfoot, Porker Lewis etc., stories
> > mainly based on the games)?

> I've never seen the Fleetway comics. IMO, the games themselves are
> adequately represented in the Sega newsgroups and do not require further
> representation here. I see no problem with stories based on the games,
> so let's include both comics series.

The comic from Fleetway Publications is available in England. Translated
versions have already spread into at least three other countries (Germany,
Holland, Italy and France).

You may order some of them yourself, if you like. The price is 1.10 pounds
sterling for each issue, including postage & packing. Minimum order is
4.40. Checks must be payable to _Fleetway Editions Ltd._ and must be in
pounds sterling.

The mail address is: SONIC BACK ISSUE ZONE
                        Aim Ltd.
                        PO Box 10
                        Sunderland, SR4 6SN

To order by phone with a credit card you have to dial 01144-91-5102290
(hope this is the correct number to do it from the U.S.)

The title is 'Sonic The Comic' the latest issue so far is #43.

I never thought that I would write this, but I have to admit that I like
the Sonic comic from Fleetway a little more than the one from Archie. The
artwork is great, the stories are thrilling and interesting and not just a
put-together of scenes from the game without a 'real' plot like Archie did
it in issue #6 (The spin doctor) or issue #13 (This island hedgehog).

The Fleetway stories even have a well-developed background about Sonics
origin and all that. Maybe one of you has seen the Sonic comic that was
printed as an advertising supplement in 'Disney Adventures Magazine'
Vol. 2 Number 1 in November 1991 (the issue with Michael Jordan on the
cover). The Fleetway comic uses the same background information.


Basically, everything starts on the day when Sonic accidentally burrows
into Dr. Kintobors secret underground laboratory. At this time he looks a
lot like an average hedgehog with brownish color and _lots_ of quills. The
doctor shows him his newest invention, the Retro Orbital Chaos Compressor
(ROCC, for short), a device that attracts all evil forces on Mobius and
locks it inside the six emeralds within the machine.

Sonic and the doctor become friends. To test Sonics speed, the doctor lets
him train on his experimental supersonic treadmill. But Sonic runs so fast
that he breaks the sound barrier and is turned into the blue speedster we
all know. Because he burnt up his sneakers Kintobor makes him a pair of
frictionless red shoes to wear.

Later Kintobor asks Sonic to bring him a soda and a hardboiled egg for
lunch. By accident the doctor spills the soda over the control panel of
the ROCC. The following explosion shatters the ROCC's containment rings
and emeralds everywhere and zaps Kintobor with 10.000 volts of pure evil
energy, turning him into an evil, hardboiled, robotic nutcase. From this
time on, Kintobor is known as Robotnik (Kintobor spelled backwards). Since
then Sonic is collecting all the lost rings, because he wants to put the
ROCC back together and reverse the process.


All right, now lets count all the grammatical errors I've made (just

The current group of Freedom Fighters in the Fleetway comic are:

Sonic the Hedgehog (of course)
Tails (Sonics trusty little buddy)
Amy Rose (Sonics lady hedgehog friend from the 'Sonic CD' game)
Porker Lewis (a pig with ambitions in computer and technology)
Johnnie Lightfoot (a hare who joins Sonic in the fights against Robotnik)

> What I want to avoid is creating
> another place for "What are the cheats for...." and the like.
> Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
> Team OS/2

I wouldn't want that eighter. There are far enough postings like 'What are
the cheats for Sonic & Knuckles' and the like in the SEGA newsgroups.

Best wishes

A. Sanasi
You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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