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Date: 09 Feb 1995 22:40:00 +0100

> Hello again. I hope my messages are getting throu. Due to the fact that I
> have NO idea how to add someone elses text in my message, I will have to try
> to point my message the right way. Someone was talking about sally and how
> the weekend show and the comic book where not quite the same. For those of
> you who have most of the comic books like I do, You know that it was not
> until the last 5 or 7 issues that they started getting her color right. Up
> until then she was a pinkish color.

They corrected Sallys color in issue #16. However, Sally _has_ pink fur
and dark hair in the sathurday morning cartoon episode 'Heads or Tails'.

> In the comic book, her name is sally
> acorn. I think what they need to do is write up some kind of guidelines that
> both the tv show and the comic book must fallow. Other wise, there is always
> going to be this big gap between the show and the comic.

To my opinion the comic is a mixup of _both_ cartoon series _and_ the
video games, making a complete mess out of it. However, the first three
issues of the mini-series (drawn by Scott Shaw!) were the best I've seen
for years, both in artwork and storyline.

The comic editors claim to work 'hand in hand' with SEGA, but I believe
they just do what they want including the use of characters from other
comics (issue #8 'Bot's all, folks' or issue #19 'Night of 1000 Sonics')
or adaptions from well-known movies/books like Frankenstein or King Kong
(issue #17 'Gorilla Warfare').

> I still think that
> tails is the best of the lot but they never really went into a lot of
> background on him which is sad. Maybe in up-comming issues and shows. By the
> way, Does anyone know when the new season is going to start?
> Craig / Tails

Maybe the editors just _don't know_ anything about Tails background...?

Just my opinion - don't flame me

A. Sanasi
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