Sally, what is your name?

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Date: Thu, 09 Feb 95 02:24:42

Hello again. I hope my messages are getting throu. Due to the fact that I have
NO idea how to add someone elses text in my message, I will have to try to
point my message the right way. Someone was talking about sally and how the
weekend show and the comic book where not quite the same. For those of you who
have most of the comic books like I do, You know that it was not until the last
5 or 7 issues that they started getting her color right. Up until then she was
a pinkish color. In the comic book, her name is sally acorn. I think what they
need to do is write up some kind of guidelines that both the tv show and the
comic book must fallow. Other wise, there is always going to be this big gap
between the show and the comic. I still think that tails is the best of the lot
but they never really went into a lot of background on him which is sad. Maybe
in up-comming issues and shows. By the way, Does anyone know when the new
season is going to start?
Craig / Tails

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