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Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) -- Team OS/2 wrote, on the topic of Tails' tails...

> I think that was #16. They said Antoine gave his tail to Tails so that
> Tails would be able to fly.

Which means the medical technology available to the rebels handles the
problems of transplant rejection and nerve generation (not just
*re*generation) almost trivially. Not to mention the physics of the
whole thing. Unless they used magic. (:3 Personally, I can't see
myself parting with any of my own bodily parts unless they were
threatening to tear other bodily parts out, but this adds a whole new
dimension to Antoine's character. Such as it is. (;3

I have to admit, though, I have a weakness for the Happy Fun Fox (Tails,
silly) myself, and have considered where his second tail comes from and
how he uses it. I had an image once, brainstorming late at night, of a
dark future in which Robotnik's dealt some serious blows to the Freedom
Fighters, one of which is Miles having had his trademark replaced by

By the way: there's a code in "Sonic 2" that changes all appearances of
the word "Tails" in the game to "Miles". Was his nickname added for the
American version of the game and not in the original Japanese version?
Anybody know?

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