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> > unmistakably a fox, Bunny is a rabbit, Rotor is a walrus, etc. Sally
> > to me has been somewhat of a mistery as to what species she is.
> > According to Jeff, she's a vixen (?) I used to think that Sally was more
> > of the deer persuasion, but after seeing that her father had a tail
> > (though it didn't seem to fit the general fox tail, but hey, this is the
> > car- toon universe), I'm not so sure. If she is a fox, where's her tail?
> > All I see is a small stub of fur on her rump. Does it grow in when she
> > comes of age (becomes 18 years old), or was there an accident in
> > the past where the tail was lost? If we go on the assumption that

> In a issue of Sonic the Hedgehog comic book, the editor replied to
> a similar question asked by Jeff and the others -- the answer from the
> editor was that Sally is a fox, if I remember correctly. But I can
> backtrack and check on that fact.

As far as I know, this question was first asked in issue #5 by Graham
Smith, Turkey Creek, KY. The answer was that Sally is a _squirrel_, not a
fox. This was asked again in #14, #16 and #17, always with the same
result. In issue #19 there even was a question if Sally is a tree squirrel
or a ground squirrel.

> According to the editor of Sonic The Hedgehog comic books, Tails
> got his second tail from Antione which explains why Antione has no tail.

This was mentioned in issue #2 (regular series) in the story 'All the
mail's about Tails!'. They took the funniest opinions of their readers
about Tails two tails and put them into a two-page story. This particular
idea came from Tom Kilroe, Tega Kay, SC.

Of course, I wouldn't rely too much on what the editors of the comic book
tell you. To my opinion they tend to guess if they don't know the correct
answer or they just try to avoid it. In issue #7 someone asked Sonic "Why
are you so good-looking and smart and how old are you?". The answer was
"The only way to remain _good looking_ is to be _smart_ and never reveal
your _age_.".

However, in issue #16 someone said he had a chapter book that says Sonic
is fifteen years old, and the editors immediately fell for it and approved
it. Well, the only 15-year-old I know of is Knuckles (mentioned in the
manual for 'Sonic III'.

Only my opinion... don't flame me

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