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From: Fred Sloniker <>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 17:50:09 -0800 (PST)

On 7 Feb 1995, Alessandro Sanasi wrote:

> Hello fellow Sonic fans.

Hi! (:3 I'm new here too, actually...

> Because I'm posting from Germany I'm not quite familiar with all the
> 'way past cool' stuff about Sonic. But I got subscriptions for the comic
> books and was also able to get a few cartoons on video.

Quite all right. I live in America, and have probably seen even less
than you of Sonic's stuff. (Funds go to things other than Sonic comics,
and ABC keeps messing with my mind about when/if Sonic is aired SatAM...)

> If you don't mind my bad grammar and vocabulary

(grins) Why do foreign-language speakers always say this? Let me put it
this way: your English is exponentially better than my German. (Ich
verstehe ein bissen Deutsch. (There's no es-tset key on this keyboard.))

> I would be glad if you would allow me to join your discussions.

No. (:3 Just kidding. Welcome to the list! (Like I'm the official
welcoming committee. I just joined today...)

> Now here are a few questions I would like to ask:


> or the one from Fleetway Publications (with Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose,
> Johnnie Lightfoot, Porker Lewis etc., stories mainly based on the games)?

Say *what*? I have heard *nothing* about this... anyone else got a
pointer? I personally am rather fond of the plot, such as it is, of the
Sonic games themselves...

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