From: Alessandro Sanasi <sanasi_at_deco.franken.de>
Date: 07 Feb 1995 18:37:00 +0100

Hello fellow Sonic fans.

Because I'm posting from Germany I'm not quite familiar with all the
'way past cool' stuff about Sonic. But I got subscriptions for the comic
books and was also able to get a few cartoons on video. If you don't mind
my bad grammar and vocabulary I would be glad if you would allow me to
join your discussions.

Now here are a few questions I would like to ask:

Which cartoons are discussed here? The weekday cartoon (roughly drawn in
which Robotnik is a nuthead with sidekicks like Grounder, Scratch and
Coconuts) or the Sathurday morning cartoon (well made, interesting stories
and Robotnik as a cleverly acting dictator)?

Which comics are discussed here? The one from Archie Comics Publications
(with Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine etc., stories
mainly based on the cartoons) or the one from Fleetway Publications (with
Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, Johnnie Lightfoot, Porker Lewis etc., stories
mainly based on the games)?

Best wishes

A. Sanasi
You get what everyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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