Sally, what is your name?

From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 1995 20:53:31 +0500

After reading all these responses and arguments and opinions about my
reference to Sally's species, I must input a vital issue...

It seems that for a very long time (respectively) the comic book artists/writers
and the SatAM show artists/writers were not conversing on just what SHOULD
BE the one true version of this epic "tail";)...As a result, each is having
deciding on what to do next. (ie. since Sally has apparently been refered to
as a ground squirrel in the comic, it's hard to say what she is in the cartoon)

I personally have always thought of her as a vixen (female fox), however, I
also have only been exposed to the cartoon show - which has never stated
what she is one way or another. Vixen status seemed to be reinforced
after seeing her father, but I've even heard arguments that HE isn't a fox!
(those arguments were lost,BTW) You may dissagree because it said
different in the comic book, but as I said before, those 2 media haven't been
keeping tabs on one another very closely.(I don't know why)

Also, the Sonic books differ from both the comic & the show!

As for her mother, well, usually in royalty cross-breeding is discouraged.
Besides, if you were going to write in a girlfriend for Sonic what better choice
than a vixen! <droool> (followup in a.f.f)

AS A RESULT, we have a big mess. Unless the different media can work out a
single, unified plot line with character development which explains Sally's
(among many other things) there may never be an answer to this all important
question...Sally, What is your name?
(I fear that soon even this simple question could be skewed by the different

P.S. "Princess Sally Allicia" is what has been revealed in the show
        (In case you were wondering ;) )

***Everyone needs to believe in something,
    I believe I'll have another beer ***
Jeffrey Pegnato

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