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>My writing generally ain't all that great, and I've never written a fanfic

That's okay. You want to read my first fanfic? It's Midnighe Magic. That's
it's title. If you could possably make your fanfic better than that (I admit
that's it's really hard to understand!), then you've got real creative
write fanfics! There I said it! It's depressing when I go into the fanfic
whatever it is and only see my own works and all the other fanfics I've
already read [I've read every one since I've last checked].)

>but I have read a few and watched the show enough to (maybe) write a
>decent one. I'm thinking along the lines of writing a story involving Dark
>Kat, and maybe partially filling in his backstory. As I've said before, he
>is my favorite character (or is that favorite villian?), and I want to know
>if anyone has any ideas of their own about Dark Kat (I don't want to
>"offend" anyone).
Read the script "Blowout". It has some stuff about Dark Kat. (It was
supposed to be an ep ar one time)

>Brother Buford

>36 days to graduation from ye olde high skool!
>30 mabye 29 days til I can walk down the halls in my high school and shake
my head and say "Freshmen! What a curse!"

>BTW, how long has Manx been mayor? Don't they have elections in MegaKat City?
He's been in election for ten (mabye elevin however spelt) terms, so he's
been in office for a while.
(Retarded)..... To heck with this! I don't want this crud anymore!
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