Re: Felina's father

From: Casshan <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 17:42:50 -0700

>>does Feral say "My sister will never forgive me", or "my brother will never
>>forgive me"?
>I think that he said "brother". Besides, she got her last name (Felina
Feral) from her father, didn't she?

I sure hope so!!
>A question please, isn't the episode name is "A Bright and Shiny Future"?
Yes, it was "A Bright and Shiny Future" and the exact words are something
like "I should throw her off the force, but my brother would never speak to
me again. Besides, she's too good an Enforcer."
(Retarded)..... To heck with this! I don't want this crud anymore!
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