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Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 19:30:49 -0500 (CDT)

> BTW Kevin, why don't you do a demographics poll on the Sci-Fi Channel's domini
on? To see how many SWAT Kats fans that hang around in the Sci-Fi Channel's domi

    5 posters including myself have created 20 articles with 80 follow-ups.

> >Artur: A curiosity, anywho is a MacKat?

    I just use what I can. Right now I'm using a Mac, but this particular
telnet program uses such small charcters that its a little harder on the eyes
than the IBM's here in this same lab. Great for ASCII art, though.

> >Brother Buford: Looks like they made a mistake [in spelling "Megakat"
> > "Megacat"] and a very noticible one at that.
> >
> >With overseas animation studios, you're liable to get spelling errors.

    Yeah, I notice misspellings all the time in anime, like Appleseed if I
remember corrctly. SWAT Kats is no different. You'd think they'd be given a
guide for that stuff.

> >Also, the SKIQ episode
> >conveniently (?) leaves out any mention of either Felina or Steel(e).

    We all the time call it the SKIQ ep, but isn't it really The Katseye News
Special Report and SKIQ was only a segment of it?

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