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On Sat, 27 Apr 1996, Razor wrote:
>Edo: What is "WRT"?
>This is in the FAQ, under "Commonly Used Abbreviations."

In which version?

>WRT = With Respect To.

Thanks for the explanation! :)

>But if you'd like to do it (The demographics poll), then be my guest.

Sure, how do you do a demographics poll anyway?

BTW Kevin, why don't you do a demographics poll on the Sci-Fi Channel's dominion? To see how many SWAT Kats fans that hang around in the Sci-Fi Channel's dominion.

>Artur: A curiosity, anywho is a MacKat?
>Razor guiltily (?!) raises a hand. I use a PowerBook 180c, but I'm hoping
>to get a PC-based machine running Windoze when I get a job.

Hmmm, Clawson and Furlong, Jobs and Wozniak? Nah...

>Brother Buford: Looks like they made a mistake [in spelling "Megakat"
> "Megacat"] and a very noticible one at that.
>With overseas animation studios, you're liable to get spelling errors.

OK, is the "M.C.P.D." seen in most episodes spelled right or not?

> Razor and T-Bone like nachos, right...
>They do? Somehow I don't remember this.

I don't remember seeing them eating nachos either, the only time I heard that is when chance (Andy) mention it.

>Isn't the episode name "A Bright and Shiny Future"?

So why is that it was called "Bright and Shiny Future"?

>Also, the SKIQ episode
>conveniently (?) leaves out any mention of either Felina or Steel(e).

Maybe because that episode was originaly written as a pilot (Opener) for the second season.

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