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On Sat, 27 Apr 1996, Michael J. Rider wrote:
>That's not to mention the claws and teeth.

Please, I have enough nightmares already. And after watching "The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats", I think that it's getting worse.

>If they are even worse than humans there would be no wonder if they have
>some extra mega-wars.

What is the meanings of the word "Mega" in Mega War? Big war? Full scale war? A war that take happen in a certain place that name "Mega"? Or is it something else?

BTW, Chance said that the Red Lynx was fighting on the wrong side of the war, there is no right side in a war, the wrong side is only the losing side, which side that win in Mega War 2?

Oh yeah, do the kats have some special maneuvers named after an ace?

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