Re: sending stories to this list (and yes, I know something you don't know! )

From: Giyggas <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 17:06:17 -0700

>Read the heading and you'll know what this is about. (Don't worry about
>sending it to Maxie himself, y'all should know by now that me and Ryan are
>the precious few who are pros at it (ahem, hint *hint*).

Yeah, we TWO really are pros at this kinda thing. I've also made a little
discovery of my own. If you are one of those who write to TCN and other
Turn(ing for the worst)er places, but we don't be seeming to put a dent into
our problem, then write to:

Ted Turner
3103 Pine Heights Dr Ne
Atlanta, GA 30324-2843

and be as POLITE and NICE as possable (Think of Elmyra Desmond on Tiny Toons
and listen to sappy [cute and cuddley] music while writing here. Yes, I
found Ted's (His middle inital is W. Does that mean Waisgoos?) address. It's
not E-Mail, but this could be even better. (My dad's a private investigator
and is just now getting into the nineties, so neah!) This way, we can add
stuff the way it's meant to be seen and can have more effect this way. Just
be careful. THIS IS AS FAR AS WE CAN GO, snail mail wize.

>But I've noticed in the Sonic mailing list (which I quit last year) sends
>their new stories to their list before sending it to whoever's in charge of
>their story site. And I thought, Why can't we do that? Hmmm? Chance?
>Someone? (Yes, I remember the "6k limit" thing, but we could always send it
>in parts when we get it done,

But my stories are usually somewhere around 20-25k! I don't think that would

> example, on the A.B.A-R, if we have a SPEC
>[nickname for a fanfic], we title the post something like this:
> "Serving Shadows, part 1/?" or, if you knew how many parts there
>are: 1/4 or something like that.
Forget it. Some of my stories are so screwed up, that something like this
would REALLY cause a riot!

>Can we do something like that? Jus' curious, 'cuz I'd like to have *some*
>pre-warning when a new story is sent to Max. Like the first time Ryan sent
>his "Midnight Magic" stories to Rat, I didn't know until *three weeks* after
>it was sent! I mean, sheesh! I didn't bother to check for *three weeks*
>because almost every time I went, I was very unhappy 'cuz there weren't any. =(

That's why you should go there at least once a week, or have your web server
start up around there. I do that, but recently, I've been looking for a
Tuener web page. Found it, and it sucks!

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