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>Which I hope that the same will also goes for me.

Oh, don't worry, dear, I don't bite--much. =F

>>I'm thinking along the lines of writing a story involving Dark
>>Kat, and maybe partially filling in his backstory. As I've said before, he
>>is my favorite character (or is that favorite villian?),
>Well, A.J. kinda like the creeplings.

Yeah, I remeber him saying they were his favorite characters.

>Well, he said that he has been a mayor for 10 something in "The Giant

The exact scene: Manx runs after Feral after they load the antibodies onto
the jet: "I'm coming too! I don't want to be around if this stuff doesn't work!"

Feral: You're a coward, Manx.
Manx: You don't get to be mayor for ten terms, without being cautious.

I might not have gotten the words exactly right, but *oh WELL*!! (Sorry, I'm
not feeling good today. =(

>In "Ghost Pilot", Manx is preparing for another election.

The sign said "Vote for Mayor Manx!"--at least that what it said before it
got shot up by the Red Lynx. <G>

Terra Chang

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