Re: Horses, Zeps, Hackle, and Fanfic

From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 16:22:52 -0500 (CDT)

>Fanfic! part 1 of _The Tortie Papers_ is now nearing completion. I'd like to
>go through an editing cycle with someone else before I send it on to Maxie,
>so I need one or two NetKats to take a look at it. email me if you'd like to
>see a copy and provide _constructive_ criticism. Be warned that this is a
>character-establishing scene, and that TB & R don't appear in it.

Well, Paul, I can help. Since I have written quite a deal (not to *brag* or
anything. ;) ) I can give you some pointers.

>Tortie is a newspaper reporter from TabbyTown, who manages to land herself a
>job as editor of an on-the-skids newspaper in MKCity. She went to school
>with Ann Gora, but thinks her sometimes-friend is shallow and not a real
>journalist. Can she turn the Trib around? Will she poke her whiskers where
>they don't belong? Stay tooned....

Quote from a radio show that's been around for years that I just made up
this second for this purpose: "And that's that. Stay tooooooooned for the
*next* wonderful episode of fill-in-your-own-title here!!"

>Paul Kemner
>Who is finally getting off his tail & writing something.

Good! I wish others would follow your example! <G>

Terra Chang

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