Horses, Zeps, Hackle, and Fanfic

From: Paul Kemner <>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 08:34:36 -0400 (EDT)

>Ed Rudnicki wrote:
>I'm still wondering if there are horse-equivalents in the Kat world

I don't think so. Horses have a hard time getting used to having omnivores
on their backs. I think they'd react even worse to having a gen-u-wine
predator with claws jump up there!
>Armored Zeppelins are an impossibility
Oops- maybe I was slipping into an Ed Rice Burroughs airboat fantasy thing.
Of course, they could use an agrosite-laced skin (cf. Caverns of Horror)
which would be light and repel the average stray bullet, but not a 50mm shell.

> (Michael J. Rider) wrote:
>Armored zepplins? Excuse me.
Yikes- I still think that this would be a good use for agrosite, and I think
that battleships of the air would have an appeal to those in the high level
military. The issue of their working _well_ or not would be an independant
issue. It wouldn't be the first time that the brass ignored a good idea in
favor of a bad one.

>Remember that the real Von Braun was a member of the party and supporter of
>Hitler's policies. Operation paperclip "sanitized" his records along with
>the rest of the rocket scientists and others.
Of course. My idea is to use WVB as a model for an interesting non-senile
Hackle, not to take a bio of WVB and substitute Hackle's name in it.

>Hackle should be getting the message by now that Mac and Molly aren't the
>saints he seems to think they are.
The alternate-Hackle in Bright & Shiny Future seems to..., eventually. I
think that they're good for a few more revivals, though. Remember, the idea
is that once their biological-hormonal impulses are purged, they'll get
better. (of course it won't work- criminality is the basis for their
personalities) It's a Thomas Edison and electric light sort of thing- you
keep trying, despite your failures. Now if there was some way to test M&M
for criminal behavior in the lab, containing them so they wouldn't get loose
to terrorize MKCity... Hmm. There's a story right there (of course it won't
work! but it does get them loose again for more fun!)
Fanfic! part 1 of _The Tortie Papers_ is now nearing completion. I'd like to
go through an editing cycle with someone else before I send it on to Maxie,
so I need one or two NetKats to take a look at it. email me if you'd like to
see a copy and provide _constructive_ criticism. Be warned that this is a
character-establishing scene, and that TB & R don't appear in it.

Tortie is a newspaper reporter from TabbyTown, who manages to land herself a
job as editor of an on-the-skids newspaper in MKCity. She went to school
with Ann Gora, but thinks her sometimes-friend is shallow and not a real
journalist. Can she turn the Trib around? Will she poke her whiskers where
they don't belong? Stay tooned....
Paul Kemner
Who is finally getting off his tail & writing something.
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