Villain origins

From: Brother Buford <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 23:55:48 -0400

I have a question for all Swat Kats fans:

I know where some of the villains came from, or what "special powers" or
gimmicks they use, e.g. Pastmaster's ability to warp time, Hard Drive's
Surge Coat, Dr. Viper's origin, etc., but my question is...

What the heck is Dark Kat?

I realize that he's a kat, but a weird looking one at that. He looks like
something out of the dark ages, like Pastmaster, but he also looks like a
mutant, like Dr. Viper. He has creeplings to do the dirty work, but does he
have any special powers other than being ugly?

By the way, he *is* my favorite character (I don't know why, I guess it's
because he's mysterious)

Does anyone have any comments on my question?

Brother Buford
"Dark Kat! You psycho!" - Razor
(I think that's right...)

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