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>I have a question for all Swat Kats fans:
>I know where some of the villains came from, or what "special powers" or
>gimmicks they use, e.g. Pastmaster's ability to warp time, Hard Drive's
>Surge Coat, Dr. Viper's origin, etc., but my question is...
>What the heck is Dark Kat?
>I realize that he's a kat, but a weird looking one at that. He looks like
>something out of the dark ages, like Pastmaster, but he also looks like a
>mutant, like Dr. Viper. He has creeplings to do the dirty work, but does he
>have any special powers other than being ugly?

What I got from someone who worked on the show via a friend is that "DarkKat"
was trying to escape the law or something when he stumbled upon a cavern that
looked like a suitable place to duck 'n 'cover for awhile. While exploring this
particular cave network (the very one you see the 'Kat guys navigating on
Cyclotron in "Wrath of Dark Kat"), he hears something unidentifiable chattering
within the depths, which turn out to be the oh-so-familiar Creeplings! (which is why
they aren't over-fond of bright lights, BTW). Of all the villains, his backstory was
the one never filled in, and perhaps the one most in need of it. He does seem to
have a particular hate on for Enforcer HQ (hm. wonder if *he* crashed an
Enforcer Jumper into it too?), but he never explains his motivation for wanting
to blow it up ("Dark Side of the SwatKats"), or what exactly what would
make "Dark Kat City" ("Wrath of Dark Kat") all that different from Viper's
"MegaSwampCity", or for that matter, Megakat City as it stands (other than, of
course, "where lawlessness is the law of the land!") DK *is* a very interesting
character, and his outfit is always very specific from ep-to-ep, yet utterly unlike
the themed trappings like Dr. Viper's threadbare labcoat, Madkat's lunatic
"Court Jester" outift, or "The Pastmaster"s Dark Ages sword'n'sorcerer's getup.
In other words, all those other villains wear their particular uniforms as an
integral part of their backstory. I'd assume the same would hold true for
DK. (I'll have to ask some folks about that. Hm.)

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_at_@@hh....I think there's a "miserable" in there somewheres!
("remember...always cut the red wire.....Dark Kat! You miserable psycho!")
  upon seeing they're *all* red, natch
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