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Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 09:20:17 -0700

>Anybody know of any Canadian stores that would carry the videos? I've
>looked around a bit (K-Marts, Walmarts, Mini-marts.....) but I've found
>only one of the three videos - and I already own that one!

I'm in Vancouver, and the only way I could get a full set was to have
'States friends send me the ones I couldn't get in K-Wal-Mart type stores.
We're kinda lucky in this part of the world in that we can just slip across
the border to a large American shopping mall that's like, oh...45 minutes away
or so - but I don't know if you have anything similar. The U.S. videos are
better than ours anyway, as aside from the eps of SwatKats, they have
an episode of the ancient "Space Ghost" tacked on as a bonus (depending, of
course, on your definition of "bonus"). They also have a graphic at the
beginning of the tape showing the "Turner Mansion" logo of Turner Entertainment
with a sudden katclaw slash (complete with suitable sound effect) across it as
though some ironic commentary on the cancellation.

Maybe one of our gang will help you get hold of 'em if you send 'em the cash
to cover the vid and shipping? All the list-fans I've had dealings with are
really honest and helpful. (Though *somebody* still owes me my promo
literature for the SNES game, huh?)

>Has anyone played the SNES game?

We've got it in "Toys R Us" in Vancouver for like, 74.99 or some junk, but I've
yet to see it for rental, so I haven't played it yet. There's a couple of screen grabs
from it on the kats website ('kay, now we have two...) "" under a name
like "katsnes01.jpg" or similar.

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