Re: Favorite episodes?

From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 19:25:45 -0500 (CDT)

>>IMHO, one of the best, if not the absolute best, has got to be Razor's Edge.
>>Just for note.
>A lot of people pick this one, but why?

Probably 'cause a lotta people like seeing that the SWAT Kats do have a
human (feline?) side. I dunno, really. <shrug>

>I mean, I know why I'd pick it,
>but I'm just kinda curious to see if anyone else's mind malfunctions like
>mine. One of the weird things about people picking this ep is that it's
>one of the few done by freelance writers (i.e., they write for everybody) -
>in this case a guy named Mark Saraceni. One quick question to people that
>would pick this as the best ep: is your favourite character Razor??

Umm, Chance, I believe this question was already asked, and mostly everbody
who replied said "Razor/Jake." I know **I** did. <G>
Razor's edge was okay, but my favorite 2nd season was "Mutation City." I
don't really know why, I just like it.
Hmmm, has this Mark Saraceni character written any novels? Just curious.

My favorite character was and still is: Razor. He's just my fav., and I
don't know why, so DON'T ASK!!!! <G>
Sorry, I'm not feeling good right now (allergies--ugh.) and I feel like
biting or lashing out at somebody. Call it a leftover from the AR group?
"Hello, I am the Vampire Lestat"? hangover? =F

Well? <G>

Terra Chang
SWAT Kats lover
Anne Rice fan

"Crud Razor! Why--do--you--always--hafta--be--right?"
"This is one time I wish I weren't!"
              --T-Bone & Razor, "The Bride of the Pastmaster"
"Art doesn't matter; history doesn't matter."
              --Akasha, "The Queen of the Damned"

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