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From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 19:19:19 -0500 (CDT)

>Why, you little whippersnapper!!

I'm actually one of the taller people in the 6th grade (5"3), not to mention
the one voted "Most likely to be either a multi-million dollar comedian or a
washed up junkie on the streets". <G> (Not really, but some people in our
school have told me I would or should become either) <G>

>I oughta take a switch to your parents! I'm old enough to be your
>father, and I haven't stopped watching cartoons.

<innocenctly> my daddy's over two million years old. (Family joke) Actually,
he's fourty-six. Whaddaya think o' that? <G> Yeah, about a switch to m'
parents: They're not that bad, that's about the only thing they complain
about. Whenever I'm writing either an AR or SK story, and Mom asks me what
I'm doing, if I say "Anne Rice," she shakes her head and says "Your vampires
again!" in a really dissaproving tone. But if I say "SWAT Kats," she says
"Oh, that stupid kid's cartoon again . . .", but is sounds like she's only
joking. But don't hold it against her. She just doesn't like it. <sigh> Do
you know how *frustrating* it is to be the ONLY one in your family and among
your friends who is a fan of the SWAT Kats? <shakes head>

>I was watching
>Popeye when men walked on the moon. I was watching Scooby Doo
>when Saigon fell. The day before I was granted my doctorate, I
>watched two hours of Dinosaucers. And as I'm writing this, Felix
>the Cat is on the TV.

Who's Saigon? Scooby Doo . . . my parents don't like that one very much. I
think it's okay, but it's not my favorite. If it was, I wouldn't be *here*,
I'd be there! (Wherever "there" is!)

>It amazes me that people in general still feel that cartoons are only
>for kids. Maybe it is because they've never *seen* any cartoons -- how
>could they come to that conclusion if they've seen some of the good
>stuff out there? Here I am, a bent little old man, and I still watch
>cartoons on a regular basis.

Yeah, I think they've never seen any cartoon for an age group older than
those who watch "Smurfs" and "Paw-Paw Bears" and actually *believe* what
they're seenin'!! (The kids who watch, not the adults. Of course, there are
some adults out there that are that stupid. No names will be mentioned. But
then, it's nobody on this list. <G>)
I don't watch TV period on a regular basis. I'm too busy surfing the Net or
trying to figure out how to make my own web page! And if I ever do, I'll
tell you guys. 'Course, it won't be *all* SK, sorry. But I *do* have other
intrests, horrifying as it may seem to some. (Ryan? You reading this? ;) )

>Just how old am I, you ask? Ask Razor.
>He's seen me. Ask Rat. He did the Heimlich on me when I choked on my
>dentures at a conference.

Eeek! Dentures!! Ack! You poor man! Ugh! Dentures!! <G>
(Sorry, had to get that out.) Okay, then, hello? Razor? Rat? You guys there?
Exactly how old ***IS*** our dear personal Dr. Conway? ;) THe Heimlich? Ooo!
I had to learn how to do that in Girl Scouts. It wasn't very pretty.
'Specially 'cause some girls tried to ham it up, acting like they were
dying. One girl who will remain nameless (Michelle Keith) actually held her
breath till she turned blue!!! <shudder> DEFINTELY not pretty!! <G>

>>Yup. I turn 22 in June....It's a great show, even at my old age.
>OLD AGE!! You're just a pup! Why, in my day.....*....zzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh no . . . Somebody go get a bucket of water! Dr. Conway fell asleep on the
keyboard again!!! <G>

P.S. And I've got some more crazy ideas for our little group, if anybody
wants t' hear them, drop me a note, okay? <G> Of course, in order to put
them into affect, we'd need the entire list co-operating . . . <shudder> Now
*that's* a scary thought!

P.P.S. Whatever happened to my little RPG idea? It kinda died on us, from
what I saw.

>Samuel Conway, Ph.D. (Ahh! A doctor! Run away!!)
>Senior Bent Little Old Scientist (Aww, how cute! <WickedG>)
>Avid Therapeutics (Huh? Whazzat?)
>Philadelphia, PA (Me, it's Austin, Texas.)
> (Do I really need to say anything about address? <G>)

Terra Chang
SWAT Kats lover
Anne Rice fan

"Crud Razor! Why--do--you--always--hafta--be--right?"
"This is one time I wish I weren't!"
              --T-Bone & Razor, "The Bride of the Pastmaster"
"Art doesn't matter; history doesn't matter."
              --Akasha, "The Queen of the Damned"

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