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From: Frank Fuller <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 22:41:28 -0500

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>>Frank Fuller
>>Proud to be a Swat Kats fan at nearly 22 :)
>You're nearly twenty-two? Whew! And *my* parents tell *me* I'm too old for
>cartoons--and I'm only twelve years old!!!!!! (And I'll be thirteen this
>October. A teenager finally. Scary, huh?) <G>
>Terra Chang
>SWAT Kats lover
>Anne Rice fan
>"Crud Razor! Why--do--you--always--hafta--be--right?"
>"This is one time I wish I weren't!"
> --T-Bone & Razor, "The Bride of the Pastmaster"

Yup. I turn 22 in June :> As I often say to people who wonder how old I am,
after showing them the Kats WWW page, Swat Kats is for an older audience.
It's not a 'kiddie cartoon' in the LEAST. It's a great show, even at my old age.

Frank Fuller
Proud to be a Swat Kats fan at nearly 22 :)

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