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From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 96 12:53:00 PDT

>>favorite ep.) contained quite a bit of talent.. Gary Owens, Mark
>>as well as the other usuals. Anyone have an idea how much $$ was spent

>>on voice actors?

>As far as I know, they have to get paid a basic scale, but of course the
>"names" like Alaskey, Cummings, Paulsen, Gordon et al get the big bucks.

 I kinda figured there'd be a minimum amount of pay for any kind of
"acting" service. For instance, Robin Williams took only scale pay for
the work he did in Aladdin; but from what I hear wanted to do it for
nothin'. Disney couldn't _not_ pay him because of the trouble they'd be
in with the union. (Yes, a bit off topic, but can someone confirm this?)

> don't have any figures available, but for an example of how much these
>took as a "given" - they inexplicably told him his services were no
>required, and "Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast" was handed to another actor.

I remember quite a bit of discussion over this on rec.arts.animation. If
I were Mr. Owens, I'd be rightly p.o.'d. Seems like TurnerCo would have
Gary under a contract and use him whenever there was a need. Common
sense says it's cheaper to pay a guy under contract for his services than
it would be to pay the contract wages AND hire another voice actor. Of
course, common sense doesn't seem to apply whenever TPS is involved...

>Just like everything they're doing lately, Messr. Owens was a casualty
of the
>drive to create as much product as possible for the least outlay.
>how does one put a price-tag on all the pro-bono stuff that Gary was
doing for

ARRRGGHH! It just doesn't make any sense! You'd think that no one at
TPS has ever heard the saying "You get what you pay for." If you want a
quality product with which you can make tons o' cash, you need to spend
money to get the quality product. They seem to be following the business
advice of the Yugo manufacturers. "Let's see... We'll build something
as cheap as we possibly can no matter what level of quality & people will
buy into it anyway because they're stupid." *sigh*

*Rant mode off*


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