Merchandise we'd like to see...

From: Brother Buford <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 17:32:42 -0400

Merchandise I'd like to see...

this is just an idea, but I think it'd be cool

Swat Kats Chess Set

White side:

King: Mayor Manx
Queen: Callie Briggs
Bishops: T-Bone & Razor
Knights: Feral & Felina
Rooks: TurboKat & Enforcer Tank
Pawns: Enforcers

Black Side:

King: Dark Kat
Queen: Pastmaster
Bishops: Hard Drive & Dr. Viper
Knights: the Metallikats
Rooks: one of Viper's creations & tower of Pastmaster's castle
Pawns: creeplings

(I know there are more villains, but I'm kinda partial to
the ones I have listed)

Brother Buford

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