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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 13:12:33 +0700

>Merchandise I'd like to see...
>this is just an idea, but I think it'd be cool
>Swat Kats Chess Set

Well, I usualy keep lose track of all my chess set, how about a Battle chess SWAT Kats computer game instead (So that the only thing that I can lose is only the disk.) ? just like the one Star Wars have.

>White side:
>King: Mayor Manx
>Queen: Callie Briggs
>Bishops: T-Bone & Razor
>Knights: Feral & Felina
>Rooks: TurboKat & Enforcer Tank
>Pawns: Enforcers

Well, here's how I view it:

King & Queen: You already know
Knights: Who else? Sir Razor & Sir T-Bone of course
Bishops: Doc. Conway & Proffesor Hackle
Rooks: Feral & Felina
Pawns: Generic Enforcer

>Black Side:
>King: Dark Kat
>Queen: Pastmaster

The Pastmaster as a Queen??? I think that Turmoil is much better choice for a Queen.

>Bishops: Hard Drive & Dr. Viper

Bishops: Dr. Viper & Dr. Street

>Knights: the Metallikats

Knights: Dark T-Bone & Dark Razor

>Rooks: one of Viper's creations & tower of Pastmaster's castle

Rooks: The Metallikats

>Pawns: creeplings

Pawns: Dr. Viper's creatures, Creeplings, etc

>(I know there are more villains, but I'm kinda partial to
>the ones I have listed)
>Brother Buford

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