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Yeah, there's no subject this time. So sue me... it's 1:45 am (local time)
as I write this and I can't think of anything witty for a subject title.

On spelling errors: netiquette generally dictates that spelling errors
should be taken to PRIVATE EMAIL and not dragged through the list. This
also applies to the net; if you ignore this and spell-flame someone on the
net, don't expect any sympathy should you be eaten alive.

OK, enough on the off-topic stuff. Back to the Kats:

Edo queries:
>What will happen if all season one's stories become season two episodes
>and all season two's story become season one episodes?

Umm, how do you mean? In terms of continuity, or in terms of when they
were aired? As far as continuity goes, I'd say "Katastrophe" (season 1
finale) would have been the final episode because three villains (Dark Kat,
Doctor Viper and the Metallikats) evidently die ("if I lose, everyone
loses!"). We also know that "The Deadly Pyramid" most likely comes,
continuity-wise, *after* "Bride of the Pastmaster" because in "Deadly..."
the Pastmaster notes that Callie looks like Queen Callista, whom he said
spurned his advances (which we see in "Bride...")

On a Kats chess set: I'm a little surprised nobody even mentioned Madkat
as one of the pieces. I don't know which he'd be, but I have a feeling
he'd fit right in.

chance comments:
> Chances are (no pun intended) that a number of the Mook ones were culled
> to decorate the offices of certain people, or as promotional gifts or some
> junk, and that's where the T's got hold of the one for you. S'good news
> though - at least it means they weren't *all* torched (if indeed any of
> 'em have).

Out of curiosity, are there any press kits available for the Kats? (Yeah,
I know this is a rather long shot, but it's worth asking, in any event...)

Edo, not to pick on you, but if you mention something like a "blur thing"
in an ep like "Metal Urgency" (which, btw, just aired on the Cartoon
Network), it'd really help if you mentioned perhaps a specific scene or
event during the ep where it occurs (even *one* scene would be helpful).
It makes it a lot easier for me (and I'm sure others) to go through the
episode to locate what you're talking about.

BTW, what works for the goose works just as well for the gander... if I
happen to mention something in an ep that you don't recognize, don't
hesitate to ask for details

BTW2, speaking of the Cartoon Network: Tuesday's ep was "Enter the Madkat"
while Wednesday's was "Katastrophe." Anyone willing to bet that Thursday's
ep will be (or was, for those on the digest, like me ;-) "Mutation City"?

And no, I'm not placing money on this. <g>

Till later...

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