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> Yeah, there's no subject this time. So sue me... it's 1:45 am (local time)
> as I write this and I can't think of anything witty for a subject title.

    Nor can I ;->

> Edo queries:
> >What will happen if all season one's stories become season two episodes
> >and all season two's story become season one episodes?
> Umm, how do you mean? In terms of continuity, or in terms of when they

    I think I know what Edo's getting at. I say it wouldn't work for the
mentioned continuity glitches.

> were aired? As far as continuity goes, I'd say "Katastrophe" (season 1
> finale) would have been the final episode because three villains (Dark Kat,
> Doctor Viper and the Metallikats) evidently die ("if I lose, everyone

    However the villians have been shown to endure some mighty powerful
explosions. Doctor Viper made it through the destruction of the labs (another
timeline landmark, or were they rebuilt soon afterward?), Hard Drive survived
a bazooka blast (But he was a bunch of electrons at the time of the detonation.)
It appears that explosions are really only deadly when it jives with the plot.

    But I'd say that the explosion in Katastrophe was meant to be the fatal
kind in which case the part about the villians dying could work, but the fact
that the SWAT Kats have the TurboKat rebuilt in When Stikes Mutilor puts a
monkey wrench in that idea. What would be a fairly big continuity glitch is
the season ][ Glovatrix design, but then again the Doctor Viper origin episode
predates all of the second season and much of the first, but that design is
still there.

    Boy, do we ever need a precision timeline here.

> loses!"). We also know that "The Deadly Pyramid" most likely comes,
> continuity-wise, *after* "Bride of the Pastmaster" because in "Deadly..."
> the Pastmaster notes that Callie looks like Queen Callista, whom he said
> spurned his advances (which we see in "Bride...")

    But the Pastmaster timeline is so convoluted already that it's not that
serious a glitch.

> On a Kats chess set: I'm a little surprised nobody even mentioned Madkat
> as one of the pieces. I don't know which he'd be, but I have a feeling
> he'd fit right in.

    Yep. And the squares should be red and blue. Perhaps the game could
incorporate all the characters by allowing the players to choose the pieces?
It could get confusing if you let it, but it'd be more fun that way.

> chance comments:
> > Chances are (no pun intended) that a number of the Mook ones were culled
> > to decorate the offices of certain people, or as promotional gifts or some
> > junk, and that's where the T's got hold of the one for you. S'good news

    Does this mean they told someone in Japan "We want you to get a dozen of
the cels and ship 'em, but don't dare send any more than that."? I'm not an
expert, but I'd think if any made it over, then tons more might be available.

> > though - at least it means they weren't *all* torched (if indeed any of
> > 'em have).

    I've also been curious as to the treatment of animation art in Japan. On
the one hand I'm thinking they love it and probably respect it and treat the
cels well, and other the other hand they crank out so much that they might not
be able to keep all of it, so the foreign materials, not matter how good they
might look would get tossed out first. Anyone know more about this, cuz I'm
about the most opposite of an expert as there ever was.

> BTW2, speaking of the Cartoon Network: Tuesday's ep was "Enter the Madkat"
> while Wednesday's was "Katastrophe." Anyone willing to bet that Thursday's
> ep will be (or was, for those on the digest, like me ;-) "Mutation City"?

    At least you can *get* TCN. =-<

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