RE: 4 villians die (was: nothin')

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 96 16:34:00 PDT

Dana wrote:
>Umm, how do you mean? In terms of continuity, or in terms of when they
>were aired? As far as continuity goes, I'd say "Katastrophe" (season 1
>finale) would have been the final episode because three villains (Dark
>Doctor Viper and the Metallikats) evidently die ("if I lose, everyone
>loses!"). We also know that "The Deadly Pyramid" most likely comes,

I'd have to take exception to the 4 villians dying in "Katastrophe". The
Metallikats can take quite a beating before being injured enough to
actually be "dead". They were in the worst shape I've seen at the end of
"Metal Urgency", and Feral still had to use the Neural Neutralizer. Dark
Kat has never been hurt and only captured once (as far as I can
remember). Dr. V isn't as tough as the others, IMO. I think he may have
been seriously injured in "Katastrophe". Remember, they were all in a
forcefield when the shack exploded. (Yeah, I know the forcefield only
lets things in & not out.. but hey...)

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