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>Yeah, there's no subject this time. So sue me... it's 1:45 am (local time)
>as I write this and I can't think of anything witty for a subject title.

No wonder I received this at 17:45 (My local time).

>OK, enough on the off-topic stuff. Back to the Kats:
>Edo queries:
>>What will happen if all season one's stories become season two episodes
>>and all season two's story become season one episodes?
>Umm, how do you mean? In terms of continuity, or in terms of when they
>were aired?

I mean, what will happen if some characteristic (Animation, characters, music, etc.) from the second season was used on the first season episodes, and vice versa.

>On a Kats chess set: I'm a little surprised nobody even mentioned Madkat
>as one of the pieces. I don't know which he'd be, but I have a feeling
>he'd fit right in.

Does anybody here got a picture of Madkat?

Razor wrote:
>it'd really help if you mentioned perhaps a specific scene or
>event during the ep where it occurs.

Hmmm, every scene where there is blast and explosion on it. I think that most of the blur scenes I was refering to, happen after the Metallikats was de-headed.

>Till later...
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