Sighting on Santo Bugito

Date: Sat, 06 Apr 1996 20:01:35 EST

This morning I had the rare chance to watch some Saturday
morning cartoons. Typically, I'm in synogoage, but I was getting
over a virus and too tired to get up, so I slept in and caught some
toons before going to karate. Anyway, I checked out Santo Bugito
while I was watching because I was familiar with the animation style--

the people who do Rugrats and Duckman. Guess what! The guest
star was a mosquito lawyer who came to get rich out of sucking the
town dry with lawsuits. She was voiced by the woman who played
Ann Gora on SKS (I forget the name). Recognized it immediately. Funny-
she had the same hairstyle, too.

                                     Dr. Jake

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