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>Candi has also worked with Tress MacNeill on the CD-ROM "Full Throttle".
> On Monday I noticed that the credits at the end of "Metal Urgency" (my
>favorite ep.) contained quite a bit of talent.. Gary Owens, Mark Hamill,
>as well as the other usuals. Anyone have an idea how much $$ was spent
>on voice actors?

As far as I know, they have to get paid a basic scale, but of course the
"names" like Alaskey, Cummings, Paulsen, Gordon et al get the big bucks.

I don't have any figures available, but for an example of how much these guys
cost, check out the woeful tale of "Lt. Feral"; Gary Owens. Owens had worked
for H-B for years (the original "Space Ghost" for openers), and though a
voice-for-hire like many others, he made enough of a living over the years to
spend some of his free time doing charity appearances and some promotional
stuff for Turner gratis. Turner was in the process of reviving "Space Ghost"
in a new format, and rather than cast Gary back in his old role - as everyone
took as a "given" - they inexplicably told him his services were no longer
required, and "Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast" was handed to another actor.

Turnerco, in the press, stated that Gary wasn't suitable for the new gig because
he was based in L.A., and the new series was to be voiced in Atlanta. Sounds
good on the surface, but the Atlanta operation is designed to be cheaper - and
non-union - whereas Gary doesn't fall easily into either category. Besides, he
wouldn't have been the *first* voice actor to lay down tracks in one city for
use in another.

Just like everything they're doing lately, Messr. Owens was a casualty of the
drive to create as much product as possible for the least outlay. 'Course, how
does one put a price-tag on all the pro-bono stuff that Gary was doing for them?

(Hopefully they'll patch things up for any revival of the 'Kats or a movie deal.
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