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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 17:13:55 +0700

Dj wrote:
>>>Candi Milo, I think. She's one of the voice artists that I've kept an
>>>ear open for, but never seems to get any gigs. The fact I missed her
>>>on "Santo Bugito" surprising.

Ed wrote:
>>She played Thundra the Rainbird in two (three?) eps of "Aladdin" as

Matt wrote:
>Candi has also worked with Tress MacNeill on the CD-ROM "Full Throttle".

Ahh... "Full Throttle"... It got a junkyard, a garage, a mechanic, and a heavy metal music. If I don't know it better, I swore that I was a playing a SWAT Kats adventure game. Now if only Maureen has a tail and is a flight commander.

> On Monday I noticed that the credits at the end of "Metal Urgency" (my
>favorite ep.) contained quite a bit of talent.. Gary Owens, Mark Hamill,
>as well as the other usuals.

I like "Metal Urgency" too, the only thing that bothered me is that blur thing.

>Anyone have an idea how much $$ was spent on voice actors?

Yeah, I always wanted to know that too, how much do they get paid anyway?

> -Matt

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