Harvey, Archie and Turner - the unholy trinity of comicdom...

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Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 18:08:17 GMT

-> I thought you lived in No.Cal. What's a "small town" in No.Cal?
-> (lemme guess. They're still showing "Star Wars" at the local
-> multiplex?)
-> Anyway, Turner had a tentative deal with Harvey Comics. Something
-> happened with Harvey Comics where they were bought out, or went
-> bankrupt, or some junk, then Archie Comics got the rights to H-B
-> stuff. Archie supposedly was interested in a Kats title, but was
-> more or less *told* not to pursue it by their parent company -- also
-> Turner. Christian Tremblay was talking to Dark Horse comix who were
-> interested enough to schedule several meetings, but in the end
-> brushed off Christian with the comment that Peej is referring to.
-> The last mention of a Kats-title to Turner reps came at SanDiego
-> comicon, where a rep from a comics outfit approached a Turner rep to
-> ask about a possible Kat-comic, and was laughed off. How
-> professional.
-> _____________________________________________________
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Laugh it up. I live in a quiet Northern California
town just outside of Redding called Palo Cedro, same place as Ryan
lives, just about 2 miles north of him, though. And we don't even have
ONE movie theater here! And if that thing involving the Star Wars CCG
is what made you say that, HA! Well, I gotta go. Not only am I timed
on the BBS that I'm writing this from, but the BBS is slowing me down
by taking forever to respond to my typing. Well, bye!

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