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ok, since I don't know who all wanted my unfinished story, here it is,
it's only 1Kb, so it's not exceeding the 6kb limit.:

"Shadow of the Red Lynx"
by A.J. Freda (


        Noontime at MegaKat City. The Enforcers have just finished
hauling the Blue Manx jet out of MegaKat bay. They take it to Enforcer
Headquarters to get it restored.

One week later...

        After extensive work on the Blue Manx, it finally is restored.
Mayor Manx was quite upset that he had to sink $1 billion of the city
treasury into repairing it. It was damaged very badly from when it was
shot down by Mayor Manx a year ago. Feral couldn't wait to try out the
Blue Manx and show off to the SWAT Kats. It was getting late, so they
left the repair room where the jet was sitting. Feral left three guards
to guard it overnight. He didn't want anything to happen to it like it did
with the Red Lynx.
        At approximately midnight, Dark Kat's Creeplings sneak into the
repair room with Dark Kat trailing behind. The Creeplings shut off all the
security and knock the three guards unconsious. Dark Kat gets into the Blue
Manx, takes off and heads back to his hideout. As he is flying away, he
looks back at Enforcer Headquarters and says, "Soon, Enforcers, soon..."

There it is. Enjoy, build on it, post your versions to rat, though I
would appriciate part one being written by me. I'm more of an artist than
a writer.

A.J. Freda If you don't know what SWAT Kats is, please e-mail me!!
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