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>Okay then. Could you give me your unfinished fanfic? Mabye I could finish i=
>for you, if you want to be ashamed of your CREATIVE GENIUS. You should
>finish whatever, though. Good, Mediocre and bad aren't possable!

All right! OK, I will try to rewrite the first act of my story and then send=
 it to you. After that, you can tell me if you understand the story or not.

Oh yeah A.J., can you please send me the first act of "Shadows of the Red=
 Lynx'? I want to read it too.

>>>I *know* this is a 'Kats list, but to quote a certain blue hedgehog:=
>>>waiting . . ." <RBG>
>Even TCN says to "Don't give in to ... evil power ...", HA!!!

Speaking of evil side, I always wondering about "The Dark Side of the SWAT=
 Kats". Is the Dark SWAT Kats from that universe was destroyed, or do they=
 slide to another dimension?

OK. here's an idea of my that I've been thinking, the SWAT Kats really=
 doesn't go through some sort of dimensional slide or anything like that,=
 they have been katnapped by aliens (or something that is very mysterious.)!=
 The alien decided to test the SWAT Kats by testing them through somekind of=
 mind test, that mind test is the Dark Side thing that we saw. After they've=
 finished testing the SWAT Kats, they dropped the SWAT Kats back to MegaKat=
 city, and the only thing that the SWAT Kats remember is that test.

>>It's not that I'm embarrassed or anything, it's just that I'm affraid that
>>my story gonna do more harm than good.
>I love harm! SEND IT! I'd love to read it! It can't honestly be worse than
>Euroatia and Mind Merge's sequal (I'm gonna modify these so they don't do

"I love cruel and unusual punishment."

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>Just one question, WHO AM I??????????????????????????? SHISH!

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