Re: How were the Enforcers formed?

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 96 12:58:16 EST

> A few other things I have to wonder about, if the Enforcers existed before
>the Megawar(s), then what role did they have in the war(s)? *Is* there a
>miltary in the Kat nation that MegaKat city resides in besides the Enforcers,
>and if so, how closely is it linked to them?

If the MegaWars were as bad as our world wars, and if the Kats found
a way to lasting piece, something us hy00mans have yet to achieve,
they may have disbanded their military, and allowed the police (now
Enforcers) an expanded role to take up the slack. This is a common
theme in a lot of SF.

Question: Who "owned" the aircraft carrier in "Ghost Pilot"? Was it
"owned" by the Enforcers, or another entity? This may give us the
answer to whether the Kats have true armed forces or not.

> And if the Enforcers still do function as regular police (The MKPD?), then
>how have they organized things to keep the regular patrol Kats seperate from the
>tank and jet pilots and infantrykats?

The same way it's done now: the police boat crews and helo pilots
are specifically assigned to their platforms; the same would be true
of Kat pilots and vehicle crews. The "infantrykats", OTOH, may just
be patrol Kats with added equipment, in the same way that a lot of
smaller SWAT teams are comprised of regular cops who carry their
SWAT gear with them in their cars, and receive special training.
That is, they go about their regular beats, but when the stuff hits
the fan they suit up, arm up, and put that extra training to use.
This gives the advantage of numbers, compared to a dedicated SWAT
unit. In the case of the Kats there may be a core or cadre of
specialists, with the ranks filled out by regular patrol kats, as


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