Re: How were the Enforcers formed?

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 96 16:05:43 EST

> As it was once discussed here before, the Enforcers are kind of like a
>combination of the military and police created for the purpose of defending the
>megalopolis. But when and how were they formed? Has MegaKats City always been
>under the wrath of monsters and supervillians, and if so does that mean that
>some version of the Enforcers has always existed, or did the military and
>police merge at some point in history? Anybody construct some sort of
>SK's timeline, and if so what does the author have to say on this? I betcha
>that Megalith City's guards and soldiers were technically the first Enforcers.

Since MegaKat City seems to be a city that ends up a city-state in
the ancient Greek or medieval Italian sense, I'd say the Enforcers
evolved from the original guards. I wouldn't say soldiers, as the
guards have only a defensive/protective role, and cannot really act
in an offensive manner.

Another POV is that they're originally a police department that had
to drastically evolve to face the increased threat from the monsters
and supervillains. Look at any major police force today. In addition
to the many beat cops in their patrol cars, armed with pistols and
perhaps shotguns, all big cities will have a SWAT-type unit, with
the capabilities of an infantry unit sans heavy weapons, a number of
armored vehicles, and a substantial number of helicopters. Most have
mounted police for crowd control, and coastal/river cities have
water units. And this is just to face conventional human
adversaries. Step up the threat, and you can easily envision more
heavy weapons and armored vehicles, arming the helicopters (remember
"Blue Thunder"?), and so on.

Not far-fetched at all.


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