Re: How were the Enforcers formed?

From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 10:21:25 -0600 (CST)

> Since MegaKat City seems to be a city that ends up a city-state in
> the ancient Greek or medieval Italian sense, I'd say the Enforcers
> evolved from the original guards. I wouldn't say soldiers, as the

    A nice idea but...

> Another POV is that they're originally a police department that had
> to drastically evolve to face the increased threat from the monsters
> and supervillains. Look at any major police force today. In addition

> adversaries. Step up the threat, and you can easily envision more
> heavy weapons and armored vehicles, arming the helicopters (remember
> "Blue Thunder"?), and so on.

    I prefer this one instead. I'm going to make this the official continuity
in my mind since it seems so plausible. Anybody have any other suggestion?
I'd love to hear them.

> Ed

    A few other things I have to wonder about, if the Enforcers existed before
the Megawar(s), then what role did they have in the war(s)? *Is* there a
miltary in the Kat nation that MegaKat city resides in besides the Enforcers,
and if so, how closely is it linked to them?
    And if the Enforcers still do function as regular police (The MKPD?), then
how have they organized things to keep the regular patrol Kats seperate from the
tank and jet pilots and infantrykats?

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