From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 96 17:39:54 EST

>> Funny how Turner had no problem pumping 35 million into both The
>>Pagemaster and Swan Princess (Which both bombed in theaters.)
>At the moment they've got "Cats Don't Dance" on the launchpad, which may
>end up being halfway decent. "Pagemaster" was a shambles from the word "go",
>and "Swan Princess" was critically acclaimed in many quarters but almost
>universally shunned by the viewers (though that's beginning to change in

Methinks the re-release of The Lion King on the same day had a lot
to do with this :) And the Turner animated title is "Cats Can't
Dance" I think. Anyhow, I saw a conceptual painting from it, and it
looks satisfyingly furry.

>the Blockbuster environment). Turner Home Video was "disappointed" at
>orders for the 'SwatKats Home Videos', but as most of you have found
>out from your retailer during your search for them, everyone replies to
>your question with "Whatsa Swatkat?". No promotion. No sales. 3 mil

Well there were ads on the various Turner cable stations. Even CNN.
I guess the fool assumed that only his stations are worth watching.

>for a 'Kats' movie would be well spent, and if accompanied by a *competent*
>promotion, would certainly cause quite a stir. Many are clamouring now for
>anime-level movies in wide release, and you couldn't do better than a Kats
>flick - provided that the compulsion to "dumb it down" for the 6-11
>"Princess and Pony" set is fought at every turn.

Major fear here. One of the drivers for new feature animation, even
mediocre efforts like The Pagemaster and The Princess and the
Goblin, is the seemingly insatiable demand for inoffensive kidvid. A
Kats film that we'd enjoy would not sell to this market, which is
absolutely staggering in size.


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