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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 20:44:28 -0600 (CST)

> >anime-level movies in wide release, and you couldn't do better than a Kats
> >flick - provided that the compulsion to "dumb it down" for the 6-11
> >"Princess and Pony" set is fought at every turn.
> Major fear here. One of the drivers for new feature animation, even
> mediocre efforts like The Pagemaster and The Princess and the
> Goblin, is the seemingly insatiable demand for inoffensive kidvid. A
> Kats film that we'd enjoy would not sell to this market, which is
> absolutely staggering in size.

    Who says it has too sell to *that* market? There's an entire generation of
kids growing up and being exposed to action adventure stuff that blows away
what we saw in the eighties, especially anime. With the way animation is
growing and changing in America, there has to be a breaking point. SWAT Kats:
The Radical Movie would serve the purpose of linking the kids programming and
the hard edged action adventure, it could play a *very* important role in the
growth and evolution of American animated features.

    More excerpts from my as yet to be written post. I need to hurry up and
write that thing.

> Ed

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