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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 17:51:20 -0600 (CST)

>>The Enforcers are the only military MegaKat city has. That "carrier" was
>>Feral's billion-dollar jet.
>A jet that can sail??? A jet with a control tower??? The only very
expensive jet that I see in "Ghost Pilot" is the Blue Manx.

Same here. Of course, there was always that tank, the Vahemeth (sp?) in
"Metal Urgency," i.e. "Yeah, but it looks like Feral won't be getting much a
trade-in on his new tank."

>I'm talking about the carrier that look like a aircraft carrier.

Do you mean the one in "Cry Turmoil" at the very end? Not to mention her
aircraft base thingey looked like a floating carrier. That's the only place
*I* saw something like that. How about you?

>Edo Andromedo email :
>"A shining beacon in space, all alone in the night."


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