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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 17:56:55 -0600 (CST)

>Does this mean that good, mediocre, and not bad doesn't count?

Good, yes. Mediocre and bad . . . yeah right. <G>

>Me too, I always avoided the year thing on my fanfic story, I just say
something like "xxx years later" (or "xxx years ago", if it's happening in
the past)" instead of saying the year (Although that saying the year could
be cool thing to say. "The year is XXXX, the name of the place is... MegaKat
Ahhhh, t'hell with it. I just use a made-up date in my stories. (Like in
Sonic, their years are, "3224" and like that. I just make up a date for the
year, or I use the current year. But I've got a suggestion. In the script
premiere of "Cold War," they mention a few years when the 'Kat guys fought
certain enemies. I don't remember any exactly, but you can always check.

>Now if only I can finished my story so that you guys can read it.

I *know* this is a 'Kats list, but to quote a certain blue hedgehog: "We're
waiting . . ." <RBG> And if you're too embarrassed to send it to Rat, send
it to me! at least, okay? <G>

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