Re: Need help with sequel and Abi pics!

From: chance <>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 14:01:42 -0800

>>BTW, DJ, from now on, let's keep this off the list. Some of the
>others might
>>get pissed at this extra stuff. But then, I could be wrong. It is
>known to
>>have happened before, many a time in the past. <G>

Yeah, <G> here also, but maybe this is a good idea. You also might want
to ask Rat to post any kind of "Cliff's Notes" fanfic-FAQ up with your
fanfic rather than distributing it to the list. Fanfic creative discussions are
fun too, but if you're going to drift heavily away from the Kats (as the current
"Watership Down" thread is starting to), then you might want to shift it
to e-mail with your co-conspirators.

Again, general rule, before you post something to the list, pretend you're a new
list-member reading it. Will you recognize it as being related to the show?
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