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(what happens when mankind runs out of ">>"'s???)

>If this has already been suggested before I joined the list, please forgive.
>It's not easy finding Kats on the web- most searchers didn't show anyting
>when I started looking. Since TCN programs usually aren't listed in
>newspaper TV schedules, you're not likely to know that the show is out
>there, what it's about, or if it's worth watching. Maybe generating some
>general-interest stuff on usenet would help.

A bunch of us do that on rec.arts.animation (even from
time-to-time, and for awhile there it was a three-way-tie of outraged
fandom between Universal's "Exosquad", DIC's "Sonic the Hedgehog" and
"SwatKats". Kats fans were the loudest by a long shot due to Kevin, myself,
Matt Weber, Dana Uehara and a few others, and much of that traffic helped
get "" off the ground. It works towards "outing" the fan-base,
but the result may be diminshed nowadays because the program is off the
syndication outlets and TBS, and can only be seen on TCN. I did a poll
of the r.a.a. readership to see how many people can actually *get* TCN,
and the result was statistically insignificant.

Tedco reads rec.arts.animation at least intermittently, and undoubtedly
notes the followups, but I kinda get the impression from the more or less
total lack of official response to anything that they're just hoping we'll
all go away and play in traffic. Still, all that early anonymous "it was
canceled because..." stuff came in answer to some of those rec.arts
katsposts, so I guess every little bit helps, huh?

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