Re: Need help with sequel and Abi pics!

Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 19:38:20 EST

Terra wrote:
>>If you want to right a WD/SK crossover go ahead, I'm not Richard
>>but I'm not quite sure how you're going to mix two kat pilots with
>>of rabbits.

>Not exactly *that* far . . . I was thinking of taking the characters
>Hazel, Fiver (Fiver! I like him . . . he's my favorite.) etc. and
>them from rabbits into kats. And since Fiver's the visionary type
with a
>lotta cryptic prophecies . . . right up my alley! <G>

Well, rabbits into kats? I can't really say anything 'cause it ain't
my right,
but I'm not quite sure about that . . .

>> As as far as using Lopine and Lopineneans goes, I'm going to have

>>to say
>>no. There's more to Lopine in the stories that I've built it up to

>>than you can
>>ever imagine. I am willing, if you'd really like to learn, to e-
>>and tell you all kinds of neat info and background. If you REALLY
>>want it in
>>your stories, however, then I'm going to have to clear and revise
>>everything you
>>write. Wanna discuss it?

>Ahhhh, why not? Sure! I've got another holiday coming up this Friday,
>you can e-mail me before then) and we can work it out.

Tell me about holidays! Passover's on Wednesday!

> But what I really
>meant by "using your ideas" was Can I use your idea of mixing the
>(RA's word, not mine) and kat culture. I may develop my own set of
myths and
>that sorta junk for my kats universe. (Run for cover, everybody!!)
>anyway, besides SK and AR, I am a big fan of superstition, mythology,
>the supernatural. (THAT explains my fascination with AR . . .)

I noticed.
As far as mixing Lapine of R Adams and tfhe kat world, again I can't
say any-
thing 'cause my name isn't Richard Adams, but if you mean LOpine
(which is
the culture I created) again I'm going to say no. At least until I've
told you more
about it. If you want to create a Lapine/kat crossover, well, that's
not really
my business even though I honestly don't fancy the idea after I've
done it, but
I won't complain. If you have any questions at any point on Lapine or
just ask me. I'm an expert at both.
>BTW, DJ, from now on, let's keep this off the list. Some of the
others might
>get pissed at this extra stuff. But then, I could be wrong. It is
known to
>have happened before, many a time in the past. <G>

What I'm going to do is write up a Guide to Lopine, which I will send
to you.
Beware: it will only be meagerly kat-related. From there, you can
tell me if you
want it on the list or not--maybe to give people a chance to learn
about Lopine themselves.

                                          Dr. Jake

PS> I will also be posting a FAQ guide on the list to "Children" to
clear up
any confusion my story may have caused.

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