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>He IS the easiest to draw--he's got those 'classic' sideburns you see
>on a LOT of
>cartoon characters, especially H-B.

He's also, (and I quote Courtney, who usually thinks boys came from the
other side of the universe) "Soooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!"

>Charon and Dathena. You'll get used to it. The thing is I couldn't
>figure out what to do with Chance, to make his character more
>interesting, and
>I think gargoyles are just AWESOME. I actually took me a while to get
>the idea
>to do it to Felina too. I can understand if it's pretty hard to
>visualize it, so I've
>going to work on getting access to a scanner to get my drawings up.
>BTW, I know
>this isn't in the story because I didn't have time to change it
>before I turned
>it in, but Felina is a gray gargoyle at night. I just thought that
>worked better.

I think that gargolyes are cool too, but I wouldn't go THAT far . . . (and
you're getting this from the girl who daydreams about SK during classes at
school . . .) <G>

>Of course. Sauraman the Pastmaster is dead--didn't you know that? In
>terms, death isn't the end of living. You can get along just fine in
>the right position.
>After his death, Sauraman the White was picked up by the Isatari and
>I haven't read ALL the works, but I read The Hobbit and Lord of the

Do it. They're very good. But then, I say that about a lot of books. (Anyone
want a list? Just kidding.) Intresting about whatcha did 'bout Sauraman--tho
I wasn't too fond of his character in LotR.

>Actually, Abi and Jake just kind of "like each other" until well into
>sequel. Same with Felina and Chance. One thing all writers should
>watch out
>for: NO SEX. Don't stick it in. At least not until you've built up
>the relationship
>over several stories and several hundred kilobytes. An unamed SK
>author . . . all right it was B-KO . . . didn't follow these
>restrictions and . . .
>well . . .

Whoa . . . when did *that* happen? Hello? B-Ko? What's goin' on in that
crazy head o' yours?

>If you want to right a WD/SK crossover go ahead, I'm not Richard
>but I'm not quite sure how you're going to mix two kat pilots with a
>of rabbits.

Not exactly *that* far . . . I was thinking of taking the characters like
Hazel, Fiver (Fiver! I like him . . . he's my favorite.) etc. and changing
them from rabbits into kats. And since Fiver's the visionary type with a
lotta cryptic prophecies . . . right up my alley! <G>
> As as far as using Lopine and Lopineneans goes, I'm going to have
>to say
>no. There's more to Lopine in the stories that I've built it up to
>than you can
>ever imagine. I am willing, if you'd really like to learn, to e-mail
>and tell you all kinds of neat info and background. If you REALLY
>want it in
>your stories, however, then I'm going to have to clear and revise
>everything you
>write. Wanna discuss it?

Ahhhh, why not? Sure! I've got another holiday coming up this Friday, (But
you can e-mail me before then) and we can work it out. But what I really
meant by "using your ideas" was Can I use your idea of mixing the Lapine
(RA's word, not mine) and kat culture. I may develop my own set of myths and
that sorta junk for my kats universe. (Run for cover, everybody!!) And
anyway, besides SK and AR, I am a big fan of superstition, mythology, and
the supernatural. (THAT explains my fascination with AR . . .) <RBG>

> Dr. Jake

BTW, DJ, from now on, let's keep this off the list. Some of the others might
get pissed at this extra stuff. But then, I could be wrong. It is known to
have happened before, many a time in the past. <G>

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